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It is often the events that seem insignificant to adults that wound us as children.

As children, we do our best to make sense out of painful experiences, but simply do not have enough information. We create beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in based on the wounding. These valid but false beliefs, and inner wounds become the groundwork of our lives.

We create goals, seek or avoid experiences and emotions, make decisions about careers, relationships, ourselves… based on these wounds and painful beliefs.

Eventually we come to a point where we start to question our lives, feel anxious, depressed, unfulfilled…because we know that something is not right. 


We feel unfulfilled, because we are living from a self that was created to  deal with pain…creating a life that is not authentic to who we really are. In living from a false self that was created to cope with pain, we eventually end up creating more pain. It hurts to be disconnected from you who are, to be suppressed in the actualization of your true self.

Unhealed wounds create the experience of self-hate, anger, anxiety, stress, discontent, depression, confusion, self-doubt. We become blocked by our pasts, we do not express ourselves truly and fully into our lives, we feel suffering.

In order to free ourselves to be happy, the wounds of the past, the false beliefs, the blocks between how you want to live and how you feel today are calling for attention. The ‘false self’ needs to be released, the real self needs to be reborn.