Why Heal?

In healing ourselves, we restore our connection to our authentic potentials. These authentic potentials are what has been called the “true self”. These are the in born capacities that you have the right to connect with, develop, evolve as you choose. By getting in touch with and creating from the pool of your authentic potentials, you become free, you feel the meaning and purpose of your own life – becoming the self-directed, self-sovereign, secure ever evolving true version of yourself

What is Healing?

Healing is the process of restoring wholeness.

When we are fractured, dis-integrated, dis-owned,  we feel at odds with ourselves. The  fractured and disowned aspects pull and push against each other – causing us to feel pained, stuck, and torn.

Healing is the process of restoring a state of total integration – of coherence with self. That which is whole, that which is coherent with itself, can create and move forward in fullness.

The hallmark of having healed, is an authentically lived life.

Healing as an Act of Giving

By taking action in the world, we create. When we take action that is inspired by our true potentials, we create these potentials into reality. Living authentically is an expression of freedom. Without the distortions and pains of traumas, we create as our true selves. The true self is innately free. When we create as free self-sovereign beings, we create a freedom reality. Well being does not create suffering. Not only are you free when you are authentic – you expand freedom into life and into the reality of other people, because your creations are inspired by your freedom. In healing, we create a freedom within ourselves that enables the creation of a freedom reality. In becoming who you are, you support others to do the same.

In reclaiming and then becoming who we are, we fill ourselves to the brim and are able to give to others BY giving to ourselves. Well being radiates a quality of presence, action, and creation that propels us all to a healthful freedom.

All hearts are connected and in relationship with each other. The inner work of one is a gift to all hearts. The outer reality field is an expression of the sum total of the collective inner worlds. Sitting in quiet contemplation, meditative prayer, giving forth the presence of a full and true heart field, brings all that the field touches into resonance with its coherence. It touches everything, across time and space lifting the reality field, Healing and restoring by virtue of presence, every movement of its existence a gesture, a ripple, of restoration and progression. We grow we unfold we expand and evolve.